by Chloe McFarland October 08, 2021 2 min read

Deadlines. To-do lists. Dinner. Who’s got what on tonight?  Your brain and body are in busy mode all day. That’s why switching off feels SO good. Snatching moments of peace and giving yourself permission to pamper are sure ways to bring down those stress levels. (There’s a reason we walk out of a spa wondering why we don’t do it more often - relaxation feels good!) 

And this is where Mother Nature has our back, by providing us with a whole host of wonderful natural ingredients to aid relaxation. Here are some easy self-care routines using relaxing natural ingredients to slip a little more ‘you-time’ into each day.


Open the drawer to calm

Lavender has a calming effect on the body which is why it’s so popular as a sleep remedy. While you won’t want to nod off in the middle of the day, try rubbing a littlelavender hand cream into your palms and even your temples when you feel stress levels rising. Great to have on standy-by in a desk drawer or bag. 

Scottish Fine Soaps geranium and lavender hand cream

Product above: Geranium & Lavender Hand Cream


Wash away the stress of the day

Stand in a steaming hot shower and let the cares of the day disappear down the plughole. Try ashampoo bar with calming hemp oil, or create a little spa-like zen with body washes containing rejuvenatingsea kelpor detoxifyingcharcoal. Then slip into your most comfortable pyjamas, drawing a line mentally between the day that’s just gone, and your evening ahead. 

 Scottish Fine Soaps vetiver sandalwood shampoo bar

Product above: Vetiver & Sandalwood Shampoo Bar

Light a candle

The simplest of acts and yet so effective in creating a mood in the room that says, ‘wind-down time’. Look for candles with natural essential oils like bergamot to support the nervous system and quiet the mind. Watch the flickering flame and maybe even convince someone to give you a foot rub! 

Scottish Fine Soaps calluna botanicals scented candle

Product above: Calluna Botanicals Scented Candle


Blast away stress with bubbles

Bathtime is precious time. It can’t be rushed. It’s the perfect excuse to close the bathroom door on life and say ‘go away I’m in the bath! Make the most of it with calmingChamomile bath powderor, if your muscles are tired trya magnesium-rich mineral soak with epsom salts. Both sure ways to leave your mind in a more restful state.

Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait milk bath powder

Product above: Au Lait Milk Bath Powder


Calm skin. Calm mind.

Rashes and dry skin of any kind can upset our equilibrium. Try introducing soothing natural remedies likemilk thistle into your shaving routine or setting aside a few extra minutes each morning to smooth arms and legs with soothing moisturisers containing nut butters and oils such asshea butter, sweet almond oil or avocado. 

Scottish Fine Soaps thistle black pepper aftershave balm

Product above: Thistle Black Pepper Aftershave Balm
Chloe McFarland
Chloe McFarland

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