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  • May 05, 2023 2 min read

    Happy World Hand Hygiene Day from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company!

    Today, we celebrate the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene, a simple yet effective practice that helps prevent the spread of germs and infections. 

    Hand hygiene is a critical component of personal hygiene, as hands are the primary mode of transmission for various germs and diseases. Proper handwashing with soap and water can significantly reduce the risk of infections such as colds, flu, and gastrointestinal illnesses. Good hand hygiene helps slow down the spread of infections and saves lives.

    At The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, we are dedicated to producing luxurious bath and body products that not only keep your hands clean and hygienic but also leave them feeling soft, moisturized, and fragrant. Let's explore four of our popular collections: Sea Kelp, Silver Buckthorn, Citrus Verbena, and Au Lait.

    Sea Kelp Marine Spa Hand Wash Set

    Sea Kelp Marine Spa 🌊

    Inspired by the revitalising and nourishing properties of the sea, our Sea Kelp Collection features a range of hand soaps and lotions infused with nutrient-rich kelp extract. The refreshing, coastal fragrance is reminiscent of a breezy beach walk, making each handwashing experience a mini seaside escape. Our Sea Kelp Hand Wash and Hand Lotion set will not only keep your hands clean and germ-free, but they also moisturise and rejuvenate, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth.

    Silver Buckthorn 💧

    Our Silver Buckthorn Collection is perfect for those who prefer a warm and spicy scent. Infused with sea buckthorn extract, this range is known for its restorative properties that promote healthy skin. The Silver Buckthorn Hand Wash and Moisturiser work together to cleanse and protect your hands, leaving them feeling hydrated and soothed, with a lingering fragrance that exudes sophistication.

    Citrus Verbena

    For a zesty, uplifting experience, our Citrus Verbena Collection is a delightful choice. The range features hand soaps and lotions infused with invigorating lemon, lime, and orange scents, combined with the calming aroma of verbena. Our Citrus Verbena Hand Wash and Moisturiser provide a thorough cleanse while nourishing the skin, leaving your hands feeling refreshed, soft, and subtly scented.

    Au Lait 

    Our Au Lait Collection is a classic favorite, blending the natural goodness of organic milk with a touch of French chic. Enriched with nourishing milk proteins and sweet almond oil, the Au Lait Hand Wash and Hand Lotion work together to cleanse, hydrate, and pamper your hands, leaving them feeling soft, smooth, and delicately fragranced.

    This World Hand Hygiene Day, let's embrace the practice of good hand hygiene with our luxurious and nourishing products. Choose from our Sea Kelp, Silver Buckthorn, Citrus Verbena, or Au Lait collections, and elevate your handwashing experience from a mundane task to a moment of indulgence. Stay clean, stay healthy, and enjoy the beautiful scents and textures that our exquisite hand care ranges have to offer.