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  • November 15, 2023 2 min read

    A key feature which sets apart Scottish Fine Soaps is the triple-milled process in which our soaps are made. The process ensures that our soaps are of the highest quality and long lasting.

    The triple-milled process involves the bar of soap being compressed under pressure to remove trapped air and excess moisture, resulting in a hard and long lasting bar of soap. Non-milled soaps tend to be mushy, soft and dissolving. Let's delve into why these soaps offer more than just a simple cleanse!

     1. Density & Longevity

    The process of triple-milling results in a densely packed, smooth, and long-lasting product as it removes air bubbles and excess water. As a result, our soap bars retain their lather and fragrance for longer. Additionally, the density enhances the soap's stability as well as its resistance to crumbling and dissolving, providing a consistently high-quality experience.

    2. Creamy Lather for a Luxurious Cleanse

    An additional key benefit also emerging from this process is the creation of a luxuriously creamy lather. Due to the meticulous milling process, the soap particles are much more refined, making them smaller and more consistent. As a result when the soap interacts with water, it creates a rich and dense lather. The creamy texture not only contributes to a more indulgent bathing experience, but also ensures a thorough and effective cleanse. 

    3. Gentle on the Skin

    The love and care, as well as the attention to detail involved in the milling process results in a silky-smooth pure soap base which is free of impurities. As a result, triple-milled soaps are particularly recommended to those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, the soaps gentle cleansing will not strip skin of its natural oils, keeping it nourished and healthy. 

    4. Environmentally friendly

    Triple-milled soaps are considered to be significantly more environmentally friendly due to their efficient and resource-conscious production process. The longevity also means fewer soap bars are needed over time, therefore reducing overall waste. Additionally, the process utilises high-quality and often natural ingredients which contribute to a product that is bio-degradable and environmentally sustainable. 

    From the velvety texture that graces your skin to the environmental mindfulness embedded within the process, at Scottish Fine Soaps each bar of our triple-milled soap is meticulously crafted making them the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of luxury in their body care routine.

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