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  • May 07, 2024 4 min read

    Elevate Your Grooming Game: A Beard Care Guide by Scottish Fine Soaps

    Although trends may come and go, well-groomed facial hair remains timeless. However, maintaining a healthy, full beard does require effort! While you’re likely familiar with using shaving cream and a razor, keeping your facial hair neat and soft requires a bit more work than your standard morning shave and occasional trim.

    Effective beard care goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair. A tailored grooming routine, combined with the correct products, can help to prevent problems such as dryness and irritation. Let’s explore our 6-step beard care guide to assist you in achieving a healthy and well-groomed beard.


    Step 1: Wash your beard with our Face and Beard Soap

    Any grooming routine, whether focused on skincare, body care, or haircare, should start with a solid cleanse. Proper beard care and grooming follow the same principle—no exceptions! We recommend our Thistle & Black Pepper Face & Beard Soap. While you're in the shower, lather up and apply to your beard to soften the hair and remove oil and any other debris. This unique two-in-one multi-purpose gem features a special formula which combines purifying milk thistle extract for a gentle cleanse that softens the hair and removes buildup.

    If you plan on grooming your beard but not showering, simply apply to wet facial hair while standing at the sink. Work it into a lather and rinse thoroughly to remove all residue.


    Step 2: Cleanse & Invigorate 

    Taking care of the skin beneath your beard is just as important as maintaining your facial hair. Before using clippers or a razor for grooming, make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skinThis not only makes your beard hairs softer and easier to manage, but also eliminates dead skin, dirt, and excess oil from the skin's surface, preventing potential clogs or dullness when shaving

    For an effective cleanse, we recommend our Thistle & Black Pepper Facial Wash which is specifically formulated for men. Men’s skin possesses distinct characteristics, often being thicker and oilier. Our Thistle & Black Pepper Facial Wash is specially formulated to address these differences, it’s enriched with purifying milk extract and fragranced with our signature Thistle & Black Pepper fragrance to cleanse away impurities and leave skin feeling fresh and invigorated. 


    Step 3: Define Your Beard Line and Neaten Your Facial Hair



    Moving forward with your beard grooming routine: Defining your beard line and tidying up your facial hair. The technique you employ will vary based on your beard's style and length. If your goal is to shave for precise edges (rather than merely trimming the hair) it's essential to apply shaving gel/cream to safeguard your skin.

    For this step, we suggest our Thistle & Black Pepper Shave Gel or our Vetiver and Sandalwood Shave Cream. Our Thistle and Black Pepper Shave Gel is nutrient-rich with soothing milk extract, while our Sandalwood Shave Cream contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin to soften facial hair.

    Both formulas provide a smooth glide for your razor and help protect against irritation. Apply your chosen product to the areas you intend to shave, then use a sharp, sanitized razor to trim away hair


    Step 4: Soothe & Protect


    At times, shaving may lead to skin discomfort, which can appear as a razor burn typically arising from friction caused by the razor. However, a quality aftershave balm can help mitigate these irritations!

    Post-shave, we recommend soothing and protecting your skin with Scottish Fine Soaps Aftershave Balms, available in the invigorating Thistle & Black Pepper  or the earthy Vetiver & Sandalwood.  For optimal results, apply a modest amount to freshly shaved areas and allow it to fully absorb.


    Step 5: Hydrate & Nourish

    Once you’ve finished the earlier steps of your beard grooming routine, it’s crucial to restore moisture to your facial hair. 

    We recommend taming and nourishing your beard with our soothing and hydrating Thistle & Black Pepper Beard Oil. Infused with a blend of sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, and safflower oil, it not only softens and moisturises your facial hair but also enhances its natural shine and texture. 


    Step 6: Sculpt & Style

    For added style and protection, complete your grooming routine with our medium hold and shine Thistle & Black Pepper Beard Balm.  Enriched with vitamin E, aloe vera, and safflower oil, it helps retain moisture and prevent damage to your beard. Infused with our signature Thistle & Black Pepper fragrance, this balm provides a subtle yet captivating scent that completes your grooming experience.



    NEW: We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our Men's Grooming Collection: Thistle & Black Pepper - Luxury Fragrance Duo. 


    Fragranced with the unmistakable notes of black pepper, amber and sandalwood, this Men's Grooming Duo is the perfect way to get ready for the day or evening ahead. Will leave hair and body cleansed, refreshed and smelling amazing. This Luxury Fragrance Duo includes our Hair & Body Wash 75ml and our iconic Thistle & Black Pepper Eau De Toilette 50ml.


    Discover our Men's Grooming Collections; Thistle & Black Pepper and Vetiver & Sandalwood