by Kate Cleland September 05, 2023 2 min read

Creating a Luxury Bath Time Experience with the Au Lait Collection

As the crisp air approaches and the days begin to get shorter, there is nothing quite like retreating to a warm, indulgent bath to unwind after a busy day.

Enriched with organic milk, our best-selling Au Lait Collection is renowned for its creamy formulations which leave your skin feeling butter soft. With its rich nourishing textures and delicate scent, the Au Lait Collection is the perfect bath time choice.

Let us guide you through the art of creating a blissful bath time that combines the richness of this collection with the ambience of the season.


Au Lait Bathing Milk

Simply pour the Au Lait Bathing Milk into your running bath and watch it create creamy and rejuvenating bubbles. Enriched with Vitamin E, the Au Lait Bathing Milk provides nourishment and hydration as you soak, creating a luxurious and pampering experience. The silky texture then transforms your bath and envelopes your skin in a velvety soft veil.


Au Lait Milk Bath Powder


Packaged in a stunning statement milk churn to add some elegant charm to your bathroom, the Au Lait Milk Bath Powder is enriched with chamomile to calm both the body and mind. To use, simply sprinkle some powder into your running bath and then stir with your hand to disperse evenly throughout. Allowing you to embrace self-care, and nourish your body and soul while you relax in a creamy bliss.


Au Lait Cream Body Wash


As you soak, reach for Au Lait Body Wash to cleanse your body gently. With a touch of cleansing aloe vera blended with the natural goodness of organic milk, Au Lait Body Wash develops into a creamy rich lather to gently wash away the stresses of the day.


Au Lait Body Butter


After your luxurious soak, pat your skin dry gently with a soft towel. Follow up with our cult favourite Au Lait Body Butter to lock in moisture, leaving your skin deeply nourished and ready to face the colder air.


Post-bath, slip into your cosiest robe and enjoy the afterglow of your indulgent bath. Sip on a warm mug of herbal tea or a glass of your favourite wine and let the tranquillity of the season wash over you.


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Kate Cleland
Kate Cleland