Silver Buckthorn 2 Litre Hand Wash Refill

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A warm spicy fragrance, with added Organic Sea Buckthorn extract our Hand Wash will leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

At Scottish Fine Soaps, we believe we should play our part in helping reduce the world’s plastic waste. That’s why we’ve ensured that each of our 300ml and 750ml hand wash bottles are 100% recyclable and our Silver Buckthorn hand wash bottles can be refilled and reused once you’re finished. It’s our way of making sure that we reduce global plastic waste one bit at a time.

And with our 2 Litre refill you can now reuse and refill your Silver Buckthorn hand washes bottles for even longer.

Choose to refill and reuse over using and throwing away with our exclusive #EarthDay promotion of Two 2-Litre Hand Wash Refills for £50 PLUS FREE UK Shipping.

Use Promo Code: EARTHDAY24

Valid until 23rd April 2024, at 11.59 pm BST.