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  • January 12, 2024 2 min read

    A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Hand Wash

    Choosing the perfect hand wash is not just about hygiene, its also an opportunity to infuse your daily routine with a touch of luxury and self-care. We have an array of hand wash options at Scottish Fine Soaps to suit every preference, and have taken care to ensure that each wash is a sensory journey and experience.

    Let's explore the unique characteristics and benefits of six of our most popular hand wash options.


    Sea Kelp Hand Wash

    Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of Sea Kelp! Infused with a clean and fresh scent inspired by the sea, our nutrient rich Sea Kelp Hand Wash will leave hands clean, hydrated and softly scented. 


    Scottish Fine Naturals Coriander & Lime Leaf Hand Wash

    Infused with the bright notes of coriander and lime, our Scottish Fine Naturals Hand Wash brings a burst of energy to your handwashing routine. Vitamin B5, allantoin, and oat extract all work hard to protect the skin in this plant-based hand wash, so it is kind to the hands and helps to hydrate. As an added bonus it is naturally derived and biodegradable too. 


    Au Lait Cream Hand Wash

    Our Au Lait Cream Hand Wash transforms an everyday task into a moment of luxury, and combines the natural goodness of organic milk with a delicate and fresh scent. Enriched with soothing aloe vera to leave hands clean, our Au Lait Hand Wash is refreshing and leaves a light fragrance. 



    Silver Buckthorn Hand Wash

    Silver Buckthorn is a warm and spicy fragrance, with a blend of ginger, lemon, nutmeg and lavender, and hints of black pepper and bergamot. Our Silver Buckthorn Hand Wash is a real treat for the hands, and its soothing ingredients will leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and supple.


    Honey B Hand Wash

    For a touch of sweet elegance our Honey B Hand Wash is the perfect choice! Presented in our iconic beehive inspired bottle, the gentle formulation of Honey B will cleanse and refresh hands leaving them lightly fragranced with a sweet scent.


    Gardeners Hand Therapy

    Developed to give those hard-working green fingers some love and attention! Our refreshing Gardeners Hand Therapy Hand Wash is made with purifying tea tree extract, and will leave hard-working hands feeling cleansed, refreshed, and lightly scented. Made with natural, proven ingredients, our Gardeners Hand Therapy has been created to meet the real needs of gardeners. 

    Elevate your hand care routine and make each wash a ritual of indulgence with the perfect hand wash! What's more, you can double up on the luxury or stock up on some of your favorites with our BUY ONE GET ONE FREE  offer on any 300ml pump bottle of Hand Wash or Body Wash for a limited time.

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