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  • November 01, 2021 2 min read

    There’s a lot to love about vegan skincare. But what makes a soap or shower gel vegan? Is vegan skincare devoid of chemical nasties, or do you still need to keep a close on ingredients? Switching to vegan-friendly skin, hair and body products brings many benefits - here are some of them:   

    Vegan friendly ingredient lists

    Alongside animal by-product ingredients like gelatin (moisturiser), retinol (anti-aging), beeswax and lanolin (sheep’s wool), there are less-obvious ingredients like Carmine used as a red dye in lipsticks (made from insects, and sometimes listed as cochineal or E120). If you’re looking for vegan-friendly soap, shaving creams, or hand lotions look for a clear vegan-friendly promise or transparent ingredient lists. Scottish Fine Soaps only uses quality, and as naturally derived as possible ingredients. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and most of our products are suitable for vegans, including lanolin-free hand and nail creams.

    Just look for our vegan friendly symbol on our products...

    Product above: Vegan Sea Kelp - Marine Spa Mini Body Spa Kit

    Plant-based ingredients

    Vegan products tend to be formulated with plant-based ingredients, avoiding chemical nasties. To be 100% vegan they won’t use beeswax or lanolin either, instead you’ll find nourishing nut butters, coconut or sweet almond oil, agave nectar or aloe vera providing the magical moisturising effects. 

    Award-winning vegan products

    Naturally derived ingredients have been prized for centuries for their transformative effects. The Calluna body care range uses the anti-inflammatory benefits of active heather extract, often tea tree oil is used in soap as a natural purifier like our gardeners hand therapy soap, while our Marine Spa Sea Kelp home spa range uses local and sustainability sourced seaweed and kelp extracts which are naturally rich in minerals and antioxidant.  And it will come as no surprise that the active ingredients in vegan products often make them award-winning too!

    Product above: Calluna Botanicals Body Wash

    Recycled packaging

    You’ll often find vegan-friendly products go to greater lengths to use 100% recycled packaging such as our Sea Kelp hand care set in 100% recyclable bottles, or zero waste products such as our  shampoo bars, or traditional triple-milled vegan soap bars  wrapped in paper with biodegradable inks. 

    No animal testing

    And of course, vegan products are not tested on animals. At Scottish Fine Soaps we are against animal testing of any kind.  We do not perform animal testing on our products at any stage of development, nor is it carried out by others on our behalf. Neither do we purchase raw materials on which animal testing of any kind has been performed.  

    Product above: Vetiver & Sandalwood Shampoo Bar

    Perhaps best of all, for anyone looking to switch to vegan-friendly bath, hair and body products or find gifting options for vegans, there is now greater choice than ever before. Simple switches such as swapping to shampoo bars are easy to do and you don’t have to break the bank for your principles either!